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From the Development Team -
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Thank You let's get the word out!

We thank you for your generosity supporting our Troops. We, also, feel the need to do something to show our gratitude to the many Men and Women of the Armed Services scattered throughout the world, which are sacrificing so much for our Country.

We have a family member who is in Iraq right now and who became aware that there is no cost effecient way for our Troops to call home to their families. As a matter of fact, our Troops must buy telephone calling cards to reach their families. We have learned that there are places where our Troops can gain access to the Internet and some are able to chat with family on Instant Messenger software. We realized that we are able to do something to help with the overwhelming burdens our Troops and their families are facing.

We operate another non-military online service. Within that site we have a voice and video application, a video phone call system, that works flawlessly even on dial-up connections. Since we have this technology, We launched this site for troops, friends and family with free video conferencing for troops and their families. We offer 2 free accounts per active military status. The video application is Flash based, which is unprecedented as there is no software installation required, so long as the Flash player browser plug-in has been's just a "click-to-connect" application. We can just see our Troops getting little video clips from home seeing their Mom and Dad, or their spouse and their children, or the ability to see their family while they're talking to them. Precious moments for someone so far from loved ones! Using the video phone application is easy and can be used anywhere you can find internet access. We need your help; we need a method for getting the word out. If you can help us in our endeavor to support our troops, please contact us.

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